Via G. SCIREA, 8
PARMA, 43100

Peculiar Peoples' Assembly of Zoe Pentecostal Mission was started in the month of May, 1991 and by the grace of God the mother assembly of the mission in Italy. Today, to the glory of God, it is the single largest Pentecostal church in the province of Parma. Beside this, the Assembly being pastored by Rev. Mrs Mabel Oluwafunmilayo Adenitire, wife of our founder and General Overseer, Dr. Michael Tayo Adenitire is one of the fastest growing in Italy.

CongregationThough, we had a very humble beginning but now the Lord has blessed us with hundreds of committed members from different nations and ethnic backgrounds.

Our peculiarity lies in our mode of worshipping God and our devotion to the expansion of the kingdom of God. We endeavor to teach the word of God to all and to reach people of all ages. Our aim is to help people seek God in truth and holiness.

We take pleasure in welcoming, respecting and caring for each individual who enters our midst, we ensure that everyone feels comfortable to observe and ask questions. Our Sunday Schools are adequately designed to educate members with sound knowledge of the Word of God and to answer their questions. We touch on practical issues of life in Seminars and Bible studies, we teach on marriage, on ways of helping people to discover and maximize their God given potentials and many more interesting topics.

Festival of Praise We also have a range of programs designed to help your spiritual growth, Deliverance on Mount Zion is one of these; it is held usually on the last Saturday of the month and occasionally during public holidays. It is a moment of prayer and breaking every stronghold in our lives.

We also involve in yearly music concerts, one of these is called Festival of Praise night, this is a moment where people from different nations are called upon to praise God in their native tongues and to indulge in worshipping the Most High God.

Recently, our Lord God proved His faithfulness among us when He helped us in acquiring our own place of worship. The new auditorium which worth half a million Euro (0.5 million Euro) was an answer to our fervent prayer to God to establish us permanently in the city of Parma and environ, having changed our place of worship about three times.

If you are looking for a HOME or a fresh relationship with God, our doors are wide open to welcome you. We hope you will visit us!

Tuesday - "BIBLE STUDY" 8:00 - 10:00 pm.
Friday - "PRAYER MEETING" 8:00 – 10:00 pm.
Sunday - "SUNDAY SERVICE" 10:00 – 1:00 pm.
Last Firday of the Month - "Night Vigil"
Every Public Holiday - "Deliverance on Mount Zion"

Tel: (00) 39 05211810499, (39) 3283923438